Not everyone can travel. But you have been thinking if you are really one of those who can not travel.

Sometimes more than money requires determination and mentality; as in everything, in every dream or project that you want to undertake you must only make the determination to fulfill your objectives and work for it - prioritize your expenses and your time. You will see that everything will fit with time. Leave out: "I would like to travel too, but" - if you are looking for an excuse you will always find it.

There is the money argument and we will see in the next post the options that currently exist. The argument of time that depending on what you seek has several options, and there is fear. Fear comes from believing that you are not capable or distrusting the environment too much.


Dare yourself.

The travelers that currently move in the world are 1,322 million, all of them do not have skills different from yours, very few of them travel deluxe style. Many have traveled spending only $ 15 a day; for example, an Argentine couple traveled more than 7 years continuously and never suffered any robbery or assault and that they were fingering. They are the kind of traveler who did not mind working on the road in exchange for lodging and food. His exchange was to work; For example, in a hostel for half a day and in the afternoons going for a walk, they also did Couchsurfing. There are also travelers who save for a while and it is enough to be 6 months out or 1 year or more, only spending 35 usd a day (for 2!) And there are also those who found the way to work online which allows them to be anywhere in the world.

Many times I told Felipe that I would have liked to start traveling younger ... to travel without stopping, but the information came late. I would do Workaways in every country of the world, I would only need money to mobilize myself and I would take it out of the sale of my photographs. Later we will talk about what the Workaway platform is about in detail, but for us it is the most beautiful travel tool that has been created on the internet and to use it you only need time - that is why being younger - the younger, the more time you can postpone your working life and several other edges.

Wicklow Park, Ireland

Wicklow Park, Ireland.

Traveling may seem complicated, but it is not. There are travelers - men and women - introverted and timid who travel alone and the route welcomes them as they all do, make friends and suddenly realize they were not so introverted.

The trip does for you what the psychologist and your comfort zone can not. Travel makes you ascend and develop skills as it demands the best of you. As a couple you put yourself to the test and if you are victorious, then you have a love for all terrain.

So, why do you think you can not travel? if you have doubts if you can achieve it either for a trip of - 1 week, 2 weeks, 6 months or 2 years - make a list with all the reasons that you think prevents you from traveling and take them one by one. Look for options to eliminate each reason - this blog and many others that are on the internet will give you a good idea of what to do - the problems are transversal in each country and someone always found the solution - read about other travelers who saw that it was possible - You will even find traveling families - you will see that it really was not that complicated. Each traveler before being one was someone who thought at some point that he could not achieve it.



In our case, we decided to give up our work twice. For many people that is inconceivable - society urges you to get a steady job - so many feel very afraid to give up, not being able to find a job again and what to do when they run out of money. Well, we will do what we did the first time ... go back and look again.

The trip and the experience has no value or cost for us and we would go back to work in whatever it is until we find something "better", work will almost always be there. And if there is not, something will happen to us ... the trip itself has given us such a great security in our abilities that we are not afraid and I think that in job interviews we are doing well since even they perceive that security and want to tell with someone of those characteristics in your company or work team. Therefore, it is always good to ask yourself - What is the worst that could happen? And what alternatives do you have to solve them - and this way you will realize that what you imagined terrible is not so much when you analyze it in detail.

The best advice we could give you is that you do not leave your plans for tomorrow, because tomorrow becomes the day after tomorrow ... next week ... next month ... next year and in 10 or 20 more years you end up wondering why you did not do what excited you the most. If you have an idea start planning it now.

Way to Grey Glaciar, Patagonia, Chile.

Way to Grey Glaciar, Patagonia, Chile.

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